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Are you ready for termite season?
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How to deal with termites at home?

1. Residents don’t know much about termites, and if they find termites in their homes, most people buy pesticides to kill them and replace the door frames. It should be noted that termites are very alert. Not only will the termites not be eliminated, but the termite colony will be transferred, which will increase the difficulty of management, and will continue to invade the home and other places. Using pesticides can only kill the very scattered termites that can be seen with the naked eye. ; Therefore, residents should pay attention to protect the site, do not cause the alertness of termites.

2. If you find a flying breeding ant at home, you must not underestimate it. The breeding ants flying out of the sub-flying holes are mainly for pairing and breeding, looking for suitable places to build nests, lay eggs, and establish new groups; once the pairing is successful, they It is the king and queen of the new colony. And there are breeding ants flying out, indicating that the nest has been at least 8 years old. The termites with their own food attributes not only have a soft spot for wood, but also tea, paper, banknotes, silk fabrics, furniture and clothing, and communication cables are its food. . If termites are not eliminated, indoor buildings and objects will be eaten up by termites within a few years.

3. To eliminate and treat termites, professional equipment should be used to survey the movement of termites and determine the direction of the ant road. After determining the direction, professional technology, professional tools and effective drugs are required. More importantly, professional experts are required. Exterminators will deal with them; they will take symptomatic treatment according to the specific situation of the site survey, the type of termites and the severity of the ant infestation, and help you completely solve the ant infestation problem in your home.

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